Bio: My name is Ray Ann Bucu, I am undergraduate student and I used to study Computer Science, Information Technology at different schools namely FEU-East Asia, STI-BGC, IAcademy Makati, as I was a curious type of person who was constantly trying to find myself. As a millennial indeed I do know that we as a generation are all consumed by a lot of distractions in our lives so it has generally lead me to study more about myself so I pursued an online degree course of Psychology, and so far Psychology has taught me a lot on understanding my own mental health issues in which I firmly believe that it is a pivotal and important issue that is not to be taken lightly. Also aside from that I used to be passionately active in the E-Sports (Electronic Sports) Community here in the Philippines in which I used to handle and moderate a room for Mineski Corporation on its Garena platform and I was also a Founder on its RGC (Ranked Gaming Client) platform, I also used to play competitively as a professional E-Sports DotA player. As a past professional player I learned a lot of things when it comes to being in a team or in a group, it's that consistency is one of the most important thing here, another is to treat your group as a family, communication is also a key factor but what separates the rest from the others is the passion to succeed, may it be individually or as a collective. As of now I do know I am a work in progress but I am willing to learn,train myself to be the best on any situation. "The key is you can be anyone you want to be." Absorb Darkness then return to Light.

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