False Awakening

Be careful of the false awakening. This is just the start. I repeat, this is just the start. 
They know us too well. You are just about to know The Game, get it? It has always been a game. The beginning is just about to unfold. 

Do not wait for the mainstream. Remember your pre-life contracts. This is not a test, it’s time for you to reassess.

All else is propaganda. It’s time to retake our Freedom. 

You are just about to enter the Labyrinth. You are bound to know yourself. Manipulation is about to end. Where will you find yourself in this distant future? 

Beware the False Light. Take control of your mind. It’s time to connect back to your higherself. 

It’s time. Are you ready? Don’t play the role of the victim. No one is going to save you but yourself. There is no messiah coming, you are waiting for yourself. 

Who are you? 

Who am I? 

I am just a nobody.

Don’t mind what you just read.


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