Internet – Collective Consciousness


The Internet is a physical manifestation of our collective consciousness.


2 thoughts on “Internet – Collective Consciousness

  1. Its been a theory of mine for some years. Also the stock market. Anything that requires collective participation and allows is to quantify our collective mind physically. Collective entites are essentially what we are. A nexus of other consciousness. Its would make sense that collectively we form the samething. The greastest obstacle to understanding this subject collectively is our definition of consciousness. There needs to be a shared meaning. There is not. There is no shared understanding. Understanding = meaning. No shared meaning means no shared understanding.

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    1. True I totally agree with you, what’s really intriguing for me is how we’re moving into the point of Singularity, where we as a species are connecting more than ever and it’s as if for the first time the perspectives from around the globe is easily traveled from point to point. Giving us the opportunity to Synthesize more ideas as a collective sharing information.


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