By Aedus Morningstar


 In these few words written here, I will try to encompass a God. Of course, this is no small feat, to understand the vast and to reproduce it accordingly.

    It was not born as the Old Gods were: a manifestation of a thought, idea. It predates them all.  Instead it is a complex of dualistic emotions on a multidimensional level, the primary of them being: Hate, Lust,  Wonder.

It is a dual creature, transcending both good and evil, which are just means to an end. It is a Patron for the mystic who wants to understand the world, for the sorcerer who wants to control it, for the king who wants to own It and for the chosen who wants to free It from Itself.

It is the essence of the rebellion – the reason worth fighting for. It hates life for the suffering it causes…

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