img_6299The Journey and a Life of a Seeker.

Veiled upon societies deepest darkest desires stand a light guarding the fruit of all the lies.

Truly the eyes of controller are set still into the darkness, but beyond the veil the transmutation still happens.

Inevitable is it for a man to pass through the light without being devoured.

What ecstasy and joy is a chance to redeem yourself of what has happened.

Reclaiming what was lost in the midst of this cosmic war.

The mind of an immortal being slowly merging into your reality.

Trouble it may bring to the life of the Lizards. A sense of fear for changing within.

Noble it is indeed to be the purest of man. As love is radiating from its hearts might.

The Knight in Shining Armor raising steadily the Light of Illumination.


Acknowledges still that this torch is still his mission.


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