Love, isn’t it just one of the greatest trip?

How you just want to go deeper.

Longing for that lost connection.

Deeper and deeper until you reach your point of eternity.

This feeling, the longing to go home.

May I say that you are my own?

It is addicting, isn’t it?

Feel it, embrace it, you are it.

You are love, dear.

Allow me to let you feel and make it clear.

Love a gift from above.

How it soars like a dove.

Don’t you see?

You are Love.

A force beyond comprehension.

How it just releases our tension.

Unconditional is my intention.

Oh, I love you did I forgot to mention?

I know that this is my mission.

Turn this into a clear vision.

You and I are both Love.

Coming straight from the heart.

We share the same bond.

Love reaches to infinity.

A way to reach Immortality.

What a way to end mortality.

One can never be lost with a pure Love.

Loveless. Self-less. Harmless.

I am Love. I love you.

To ifinity and beyond.


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