Black Sun


I have seen things that I wasn’t supposed to see.
Thing from the Universe but not of this world.
A thing that a mortal mind couldn’t comprehend.
I meditated at it for quite a while.
Minutes passed, slowly it feels like it’s talking.
It is alive and it is energy.
Purest of Aether it may seem.
I promise you it is not of this dimension.
Explore it with might.
Hold you vision with balance.
Release thy fear.
Eliminate the heat.
The blinding light shall be made clear.
Now can you see?
Middle is the Path.
Understand its wrath.
It has been here longer than us.
Waiting to be found.
I am viewing it from the ground.

Does this mean we’re back?
Is it time?
Tell me. Is it time? Are we back to no time?


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