People tend to forget the reason why they got here and it is indeed because of Change. The moment an egg cell meets the sperm the process that they together undergo is already considered a Change. The moment you step in this world you change ones life and in vice versa, the moment you leave your existence here, you automatically can imagine the different changes that could happen may it be subjectively,objectively or collectively. As a matter of fact the moment you are reading this, you are already changing your views in the word Change.

Why am I even talking about Change? Technically it’s because people fear change.

The big question is, Why do people fear it? How egotistic can we be to avoid the inevitable? Why is it that we the people does not take it as a big deal? Why do we take it for granted, Change? As everyone is entitled for an opinion, as we are all free.

I could say that people fear change not because they don’t really want to change, it’s because they want to be intact with their peers or others and that they don’t want to feel separated from the rest. They always tend and go with the flow of the mass, just imagine that conformity that we have been doing for the longest time.

Another reason that I could say is that they’re stuck with their own beliefs that they just would like to follow the old ways and thus letting all the old things take over the present and as a result it causes ripples in the future to change as well.

So how can you even call yourself a human being if you don’t want to experience new things, new experiences that can lead you to “Change”? The biggest reason for this might be fear of being disconnected to the society, the fear of rejection, the fear of being alone. Why worry on what the others might say to you when you already know for yourself that you’re correct. The Universe had given us a lifetime to experience, to inspire, to love. A chance to change your visions into reality.

So when do you plan on starting to change? You see, You don’t have to depend on others to change. You don’t have to wait for them. Why wait for others? When you can change now! Start the change in yourself. Be the change, See the change. For ones changes can affect many.

Change is inevitable.

Change is the most powerful thing in the world.

Change can build or destroy.

Change makes the world go round.

With change you can do anything.

Change now and see the difference.

So when do you plan to change and make a difference?


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