He remembers the first time he successfully grabbed a spoon and fork, he remembers the first feeling of confidence gushing through his entire system. His first dosage of adrenaline for doing something alone. He said to himself “At last I am now able to eat alone, what’s more grandeur than a kid eating alone. I […]

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Cosmic Equation

R >= 0 is the cosmic equation. This equation reveals the link between the physical cosmos and the mental cosmos, the dimensional and the dimensionless. Which means “r = 0” (the mental universe, outside space and time) and “r > 0” (the physical universe, inside space and time. “r” refers to the distance between two […]

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Evolution and Consciousness, do we incarnate on this planet to evolve and progress our consciousness, or are we what materialists believe to be, “meatbags” running around without a purpose and that in the end, there is only going to be nothing. What is even nothing? Can you perceive nothing? Or maybe there’s always something but […]

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Who are the Illuminati?

The Hidden Masters “In 1776 a Bavarian professor of law, Adam Weishaupt, founded an organisation called the Illuminati, recruiting the first brothers from amongst his students.” Weishaupt was one of the greatest grand masters of the Illuminati, but the society was founded millennia before he was born. It existed initially as a loose association of […]

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Higher Mysteries II

Adam Weishaupt Intro to the Higher Mysteries II Second degree Doceten. It is difficult, to speak with people of subjects for which our languages do not have any words yet; where our whole language is arranged onto the opposite; where the impressions of the senses insure us from youth incessantly the opposite, and upon that […]

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Greater Mysteries I

in honorem Adam Weishaupt Greater Mysteries I Part 1 First degree May 1787 He, who is searching for salvation, comes here! We want to reconcile you with the world; we want to guide you to your felicitousness. We want to teach you the great art to feel enjoyment with all objects in the world and […]

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