Enlightenment and the Shadow

Enlightenment? What is even Enlightenment? Am I supposed to meet “God” when I’m Enlightened? Am I supposed to imagine figures of Light? Am I gonna be forever happy? When I’m Enlightened am I gonna be instantly rich? Rich in the way that it doesn’t involve materialistic objects, I actually don’t know I mean am I Enlightened? The Path of Enlightenment is just the process of getting to know ourselves, isn’t everyone experiencing this as well? I mean it’s even a paradox to know if you’re getting Enlightened or you’re just dragging your mind with all the fake emotions that you want to feel.

Why am I even talking about this? I’m not even Enlightened, or am I? I can’t really say much but somehow here’s what I’ve experienced on “trying” to be Enlightened, I thought Enlightenment was supposedly always being happy. No, this is the greatest misconception of walking the Path of Enlightenment. I mean you get to learn a lot “literally” but knowing these things it hurts, it freaking hurts so bad because when you get to see yourself as a whole, and when I say whole, it’s not just the good sides of you, but you get to acknowledge even the bad sides of you. The parts of you that becomes the Shadow, the unacknowledged, disregarded experiences of yourself, the experiences that made you “you”. It’s about getting to know yourself more just like Renee Descartes said cogito ergo sum “Know Thyself”, it’s like going beyond the Hierarchy of Needs and transcending and perfecting the Pyramid. It’s about giving time to observe rather than just being passively aggressive. It’s about being mindful of your own thoughts. It’s about acknowledging that every moment we always have a decision to make. It’s about recreating your perspectives and seeing yourself from a different Light. Are you willing to see beyond your usual perspective?

The process itself will burn you off your own Illusions. You cannot fake yourself, one way or another the Shadow will find its way to be known. Haven’t we all had enough fooling of ourselves?

This is just but a few of things that I could say about the Enlightenment, are you ready to know yourself a little bit deeper? Do you have the strength and will to accept who you really are? Enlightenment is like a rabbit hole, you just never know how deep it could get.

Correct me if I’m wrong, this is just what I feel, so feel free to comment.


Seeker, are you lost?

I am just like everyone else.

I look and talk just like anyone or everyone else but sometimes I think, why is “most” acting like they’re not thinking?

Am I different because I observe?

Does everyone observe? Or is it just me, and my weird habits?

I may blend in the crow but sometimes I feel like I’m even not there or here.

My mind is often floating, suspended out through the “Abyss” of thoughts.

Is this normal? Do I even care?

I am caught in between, the mind and what matters.

Does it even matter?

I like listening to perspectives, just as it perfects my circle.

Through listening, I absorb ideas and forge a new angle of perspective.

My mind, is it normal?

Am I just being weird?

Whenever I try to tell them my perspective, I feel like they don’t listen.

I guess… well, I don’t know.

Maybe I guess I’m missing something.

Or do I have an extra something?

Maybe I do have a point?

Maybe I am a point?

A perspective.

Am I just sensitive?

Overly reacting?

Why do I keep on asking?

Why am I talking to myself? Who am I even talking to? Knock, knock, is anyone even there?


To be continued…..


“To be aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair.” – Walker Percy

Hello there fellow human! Did the word Seeker caught your attention or maybe the word has somehow resonated with you. May I just ask, how was your journey before you got here? I bet it was a shaky ride eh? Maybe your Quest has just started or maybe you’ve been at it for quite a long time. Nevertheless I’m pretty sure we’d understand each other.

Would you agree that it’s about time we break free from our cages and explore Life or the so called Reality a lit bitter deeper, with the help of Technology and the rise of the Digital Age the access to information has never been easier than before, in todays society “Ignorance is a choice.”.

My friend, you were not lead here by mistake. If you have been on the Quest, curious as to what to do, longing to fuel the burning desire, asking what our purpose is? As time passes by, we are growing, each and everyone of us is getting smarter day by day with how we consume information on a daily basis.

Well although the internet is a great source of information beware as to what dwells around this web, there is mis-information, dis-information, you must know how to distinguish the what nots and the what is for not everything inside of it can be easily swallowed.

Imagine eating your favorite food, now this food is “information” sometimes when your just love that food, something you don’t realize you’re over eating now. The question is what do you do with information do you digest it as a whole? Do you chew the information to pieces and digest it evenly? This information what does it become? Do you understand everything that you eat? Those informations that you digest did you know an information becomes a seed, and it gets inside your subconscious, waiting for the perfect time to make sense to you. It becomes a trigger, waiting to be triggered. It is waiting for it’s harvest, it’s synthesis.

“Everything is connected.”

Seeker Quotes

It’s all up to us. WE ARE THE GODS, the evolving Gods. Our life is our own. We have complete responsibility and accountability for ourselves. It’s no one else’s business. We create our own heavens and hells. We save ourselves; we are our own salvation. We are autonomous, independent, free agents. Our mission is simple: to convert all of our potential into actuality and thus become Gods.

– #MikeHockney, HyperReality

A Parable: “The Cow and the Cicada”.

As the farmer makes his way towards the farmhouse, sunset falls on his pasture. His cow chews its cud. While the song of the cicada fills the air.

“Come out where I can see you,” shouts the cow, “your song is so beautiful it deserves recognition”.

“Thank you” says the cicada, “but I prefer to remain in the shadow.”

“Why?” Asked the cow. “You should take pride in your song. Quick, come out there’s not much light left.”

“I do not seek a stage” says the cicada.

“But talent deserves recognition.” says the cow.

“Ah!” exclaims the cicada. “Define recognition”

“Fame.” Says the cow. “Don’t you want fame?” asked the cow somewhat curiously, “My favorite time is when I get to go to the state fair, and show off my fine hide and healthy girth”

“But just ask yourself why you seek attention” said the cicada.

“But just come out for a moment to show me what you look like, so we can get to know each other” said the cow.

“I cannot” said the cicada “There are predators around who want to kill me.”

“Then why do you sing? Asked the cow.

“I am calling to the others to create a chorus” said the cicada. “And we can all thow our voices so the hunters can never find us.”

“Ah, that’s too bad” replied the cow, “I have a good life. I am praised for my milk and the cheese I provide. The farmer givers me an easy life, full of sunshine and grass. What more could I ask?”

“Oh my friend” said the cicada. “One day your farmer will introduce you to the knife”

“Utter nonsense” replied the cow. “The worse I go through is an occasional injection, and they are to make me strong. I think. The farmer protects me, and provides me with all my needs”

“I choose not to rely on what a farmer can provide. I prefer freedom.” replies the cicada. ” I possess nothing except my song, and even that is to be shared. I choose not to depend on the farmer, and I do not trust his workers, his injections, his sprays, or his empty promises.”

“Then you miss the chance of bliss” replied the cow.

“Perhaps you are right” said the cicada. “But tonight I go to the river and many of us will sing together. Why don’t you join us?”

“I can’t” replied the cow. “I am obligated.”

“We must choose our obligations” said the cicada, in a soft voice.

With that the cicada vanished, as the last second of the daylight died.

Seeker Quotes

“Every religion is true one way or another. It is true when understood

metaphorically. But when it gets stuck in its own metaphors, interpreting them as facts,

then you are in trouble.” – Joseph Campbell


-Mike Hockney, “The Omega Point”

Have you experienced the “rising equilibrium”? Are you willing to go above the usual? Rising above is the only purpose that I see fit for my existence. To be able to go beyond myself and to get to know what lies ahead, as long as there is progress, it doesn’t matter if you go too slow or go too fast, it’s the Movement that matter, this isn’t a race after all it’s all “you”. Complacency will get you nowhere. It’s time to move. #Ascend